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UniPrint Digital Printing Socks

Why choose printing socks?


The rise in demand and popularity of custom socks has increased exponentially over the years. Digital printing socks have become popular as they allow people to create custom prints to showcase their style and personalities. Digital printing is clear and cleaner compared to printing done through sublimation ink and reactive ink. In the 360 digital printing method, the socks are stretched over a cylindrical structure while the printer uses CMYK colour to lay the design quickly. Thus, it allows quicker turnaround deliveries while maintaining the high-quality. So, custom socks have become a fancy gift item to be exchanged among family and friends.

UNI Print gives the best solutions for digital printing socks, including pre-set design collection models or regular custom sock models. In addition, we can help print different styles, patterns, and designs on almost all socks materials, including cotton and polyester socks. Further, since the demand for fabric printing is likely to rise, it can also be a profitable business.

If you are looking forward to setting up your own local printing production, you need to be aware of everything related, from materials to different printing methods. UNI Print can help you with gainful insights while offering the right guidance for choosing the perfect setup model that caters to your needs.

Why choose UNI Print?

We at UNI Print have experience of over ten years in digitally printing socks. You can get any design or pattern printed on socks of different materials, sizes, and colors. Also, you can go for custom designs such as face socks. With our uniqueness of 360-degree digital printing, we can print custom socks representing your companies and businesses through logos or brand-relevant design. These socks can help in creating a cohesive brand.

We offer high-quality personalized socks that are super comfortable and look amazing. Also, we have some pre-set design collections such as mismatch series, sports series, cartoon series, flower series, fruits series, oil painting series, and abstract series. You can choose from these collections and customize them with text and photos of your choice. This can help you save time while deciding the design for your socks prints.


No color limit



No heat pressing line


No inner thread residues


Various materials options


Fast turnaround


1. Why should I go for custom print socks?

Readymade personalized socks cost you around $14.99 to $29.95, while blank socks just cost you $5. Socks might be a small accessory, but custom socks are in great demand after the introduction of digital printing. UNI Print offers customized printing socks with unlimited colors on different materials in less quantity at low investment and fast delivery.

2. On what kind of socks materials can I get custom printing done?

You can get custom printing on different socks materials such as cotton, polyester, bamboo, wool, etc. In addition, we offer blank socks of all these materials on which customers can get sample custom designs done.

3. What is the difference between printing on cotton socks and polyester socks?

Printing on different socks material differs in terms of digital inks and printing process. For printing on cotton socks, reactive ink is used while the process involves pre-treatment, printing, heating (optional), steaming, washing, and drying. Sublimation ink is used for printing on polyester socks. The printing process for polyester socks includes printing and heating. Digital print on cotton custom socks is brighter in comparison to the digital print on polyester socks. It has been observed that Americans prefer polyester socks while Europeans are likely to go for cotton socks.

4. Is there any minimum order quantity?

All international orders have a set minimum order quantity (MOQ). Though digital printing socks have less MOQ, we can even make 1 pair per design. Considering labor efficiency, we have set an MOQ of 100 pairs per design per size.

5. What are the steps involved in custom printing socks?

For getting DTG socks, first, you need to choose the perfect socks material for you. The second step involves the designing process, where you can make your own design or choose from our pre-set designs. The sample printing will take around 3 to 7 days. If you want a physical sample of polyester socks, it will cost you $50/time, while charges for cotton sample socks are $100/time. Sample charges are refundable only if your order is above 3000 pairs. After you confirm the sample and make an advance payment, we will start printing socks in bulk. We will send the photos and videos of the final product. As soon as we get the balance payment, we will ship it to your place via express (for small orders) or sea shipping (for large orders).

6. What payment modes do you accept?

You can pay for your custom print socks through PayPal, Western Union, or directly to our bank account. You need to make 30% of the total payment in advance, and the remaining 70% before the final product gets shipped.

7. What are the shipping fees?

The shipping fees depend on how you want your product to be delivered. Choosing express mode will be the most expensive yet quickest way to receive your product. However, we recommend you select freight mode if you have ordered in bulk.

8. What about the return/exchange/refund policy?

You cannot return the final product delivered to you as we ship the product after your final confirmation. Further, it is customized for you, and we cannot sell it to someone else. But if the size differs or you receive a damaged product, we will definitely exchange it for you.

9. Do you provide a custom package for small orders?

While ordering for printing on regular socks, there is a default package with an MOQ of 1000 pairs. But if you want to order in small quantity, the charges may differ according to the MOQ package and the number of batches runs for your order.

10. Will I get a sample before ordering in bulk?

We offer you free samples for checking printing quality. However, though samples are free, freight charges of $50 have to be paid.