UV Printing Solution

UV printing is an advanced digital printing solution that uses ultraviolet (UV) rays to cure and dry ink on the printed materials immediately. As soon as the printer spreads ink on the material’s surface, the UV lights follow close behind dry or cure the ink.

UV printing technology has widely been used in wood décor, leather printing, outdoor signage, ceramic tiles printing, phone case printing, and more. UV printing is popular because it allows you to print directly onto almost all types of flat substrates. In addition to this, UV printing gives high-resolution prints, resistant to wear and tear and scratches.


Advantages of UV Printing


Various materials

UV printing can be used on a vast array of materials. This process can be used in various industries and businesses. Some of the materials that can be used for UV printing include:
● Glass
● Metal
● Tiles
● Acrylic
● Wood


Quick And Cost-Effective

UV printing is a quick process. Unlike traiditional screen printing methods, you don’t have to make film plates nor wait for the ink of the design and print to dry. UV printing is done using special ink that can be cured instantaneously using UV light. You can get more prints in less time with UV printing.


Vibrant And Detailed Prints

Both Epson printhead & Ricoh printhead has variable inkdot nozzles. support for greyscale printing. with high-resolution printing & print on demand technology, customers would always get a vivid printing effect.


Wide applications

UV printing can be used for any business’ needs. It has countless applications, and you can print designs on almost any surface with a UV printer. The use of UV printing has grown rapidly over the years and has become more commercial. Some of the industries that use UV printing more significantly include:
● Signage
● Branding and merchandise
● Promotional products
● Home decor
● Advertising

Process of UV Printing

Working steps for you to follow


Step 1: Design Process

As with any printing method, you must prepare your design for UV printing first. Depending on your customers’ requirements, you can create any type of print design in your computer system. Several software pieces can help you with it. For instance, you may use Illustrator, Photoshop, and so on. Choose the size of the design that you think will look appropriate on the surface of your material.


Step 2: Pretreatment

While UV printing gives you the liberty to print directly onto various materials, you need to pretreat some of the substances before you use them for printing. Glass, Metal, Wood, Tiles, and other smooth-surfaced media need pretreatment. It helps the ink adhere to the surface and ensures better print quality and colorfastness. The coating liquid for pretreatment includes adhesive ingredients that you can apply with a brush or electric spray gun.Note: Not all material will require pretreatment.


Step 3:Printing Process

This is the primary step in UV printing, which helps you print your desired design pattern on the material. The flatbed printer works similarly to an inkjet printer. The only difference is it prints UV ink onto the material surface instead of paper. The ink dries quickly to create a permanent image.
When you place your object onto the flatbed printer and give a printing command, the UV rays coming from the printer start printing. UV rays cure the ink right away to adhere it to the material surface. Since ink curing time is immediate, it does not spread. Therefore, you obtain eye-catching color details and image fastness.


Step 4: Cutting Process

UV printing is used on a wide range of materials; therefore, it has wide applications. Laser cutters make UV printing more versatile. The UniPrint laser cutter helps you make precise cuts and engraving on different materials. Using a visual laser cutter, you can add diversity to your product range and increase its value.
Note: if you products are finished ones then after UV printing it’s done. unless your product it’s whole piece raw materials like wood, acrylic, foam board. laser cutter will be used to cut into design shape per you need.


Step 5: Finished Product

After packing or labeling, now your customized product is ready to be sold. UV printing is quite a straightforward printing process. By combining a UV flatbed printer with a laser cutter(optional), you can provide your company with a whole new set of creative options.

Why Choose UniPrint?

UniPrint has 10 years of experience in digital printing machine manufacturing. Our facility incorporates 6 Production lines that cover 3000sqm with monthly printer manufacture output of up to 200units. We are passionate about producing the most reliable and cost-effective printing machines options for your unique business solutions.

We handle everything from research and development to production, to sale, to transport, delivery, installation, training, and after-sale service.

Whatever it takes for your digital printing business to excel, we go the extra mile.

Our customers’ satisfaction is key. By offering you the best digital printing machines and services, our goal is to unleash a new world of unique possibilities for your business, boost your revenue, and establish your brand.

UniPrint Equipment for UV Printing Production


A3 UV Printer

UniPrint A3 UV Printer is one of the Small Format UV Flatbed Printers. A3 size print of 12.6*17.72 inches (320mm*450mm). This small flatbed printer is suitable for home as well as limited-size businesses such as photo studios, advertising agencies, apparel decoration, signage making, etc.



UniPrint UV6090 Small Format UV Flatbed Printer is a popular printer model that lets you perform UV printing on mobile cases, gift items, wooden tiles, leather, and glass. This flatbed printer features a power print head to provide higher precision with speed. The print size of this printer is 900x600mm.




UniPrint UV 1313 Mid Format UV Flatbed Printer is designed to produce max print size up to 1300mmx1300mm. This flatbed printer lets you print in resolutions up to 720x1440dpi. You can use it for UV printing on materials like cardboard, metal, acrylic, leather, aluminum, ceramic, and phone cases.



UV1316 is another mid-format flatbed printer from UniPrint. The printer uses a high-grade print head. It enables you to transfer desired design patterns onto print media quickly and precisely. This mid-format printer supports maximum print size up to 1300mmx1600mm. You can use it to print any flat objects made out of aluminum, ceramic, glass, leather, and more.

uv2513 flatbed printer-3


UniPrint UV2513 large format UV flatbed printer enables you to meet large size printing requirements. The maximum print size it can print is 2500mmx 1300mm. Furthermore, it gives you maximum high-resolution printing of 720x900dpi. You can use it to print onto materials like stone, plastic, PVC board, metal, etc.



UV2030 large format UV flatbed printer is another large format UV flatbed printer from UniPrint that you can use for bulk UV printing. The printer has a negative pressure ink supply system to keep the print head stable when printing. The maximum print size supported by this printer is 2000mmx3000mm, with a resolution of 720x900dpi.


KS1080-F1 With 100w Laser Cutter -1-min

Laser Cutter

The UniPrint laser cutter is crucial equipment for individuals in the UV printing business. It enables you to cut the design patterns you create on various surfaces so that you can use them to customize your products. You can use this cutter to cut against the design vector file. Moreover, it can make marks on the coated metal.


UV Ink

UniPrint also provides premium quality UV Ink to help you get superior UV printing. We have CMYK, CMYK+ White, and CMYK+ White+ Varnish ink configuration. The CMYK ink enables you to print on all types of white background color substrates. CMYK+ White is suitable for dark background material. And if you want glossy layer UV printing, you can go for CMYK+ White+ Varnish ink configuration.

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2513 Uv flatbed printer.

laser cutter (small visual)

UV Rotary printer


Frequently Asked Questions

What is UV printing?

UV printing is a digital printing method that employs ultraviolet (UV) light to cure or dry UV ink. The UV ink dries as soon as it hits the surface of the printing material. The printing technology is gaining popularity because of its high-quality finishes, versatility, and quick turnaround.

How does a UV flatbed printer work?

A UV flatbed printer features LED lamp beads on both sides of its printing carriage. When you give the print command, the printer leaves special UV ink on the surface of the object, and UV lights from the lamp beads cure the ink in no time.

What can I print with a UV flatbed printer?

The UniPrint UV flatbed printer has been used in various industries. It is capable of printing a wide range of materials. A UV flatbed printer lets you print on PVC plastic, leather, acrylic, metal, and wood. The printed object must have a flat surface. If you need to print on cylindrical objects such as bottles, bowls, cans, and other drinkware, use the UniPrint Rotary UV printer.

What are the advantages of UV printing?

Over the past few years, UV printing has gained popularity worldwide. Below are some primary reasons for its increasing prevalence.

Broad Range of Applications

A UV flatbed printer can print a wide range of flat substrates made of metal, wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. Therefore, businesses like advertising companies, signage makers, and photo studios are leveraging this technology.

Quick Turnaround

Compared to the conventional printing method, the process for UV printing is quite fast. The UV flatbed printer uses ultraviolet light to cure the ink, and it takes only a couple of seconds.

High-Quality Finishes

UV printing produces crisp prints due to its unique drying method. Due to the quick drying time, the ink does not have enough time to spread.


UV printing provides you with long-lasting prints. The durability of the printing depends on various factors, such as the material you have done printing on, environmental factors, and more.

UV cured prints in an outdoor area can survive at least two years without fading. With lamination and coating, prints can last up to 5 years.

What are the disadvantages of UV printing?

Though UV printing has tons of advantages, it also has a few drawbacks.

● The initial setup could be expensive for startups or small businesses.

● It can be challenging to clean up UV ink in the event of a spill, as it is not firm until cured.

● While printing, some people do not like the smell of UV ink.

● In rare cases, UV ink might cause skin irritation if it comes into contact with your skin before curing. It is advisable to wear eye and skin protection.

What is the speed of UV printing?

The speed of UV printing depends on the print head configuration of the printer. Besides this, the printing resolution also affects the speed.

At UniPrint, we have various UV flatbed printers, such as A3 format, UV 6090, UV 1313, UV 1316, UV 2513, and UV 2030. Different printers have distinct print head configurations.

With the Epson printhead, you get a speed of between 3 and 5 sqm. per hr., while the Ricoh printhead gives a speed of 8–12 sq.m per hr.

Is the UV printing business profitable?

Yes, a UV flatbed printer is worth investing in. It is crucial to meet your customers' demand for customization in today's competitive world. UV printing technology can help you out with this.

UV flatbed printer is an ideal investment for anyone looking to increase the value of their products. It can print on anything from acrylic sheets to ceramic tiles to mobile phone cases to more.

Since UV printing supports faster production, you can produce in large quantities and make huge profits.

How many colors can I print in UV printing?

The UniPrint UVflatbed printer comes with CMYK+White and CMYK+White+ Varnish ink. The CMYK ink configuration lets you print on white background color substrates, while the CMYK+ White ink configuration is for dark background objects.

If you want to give your substrate a glossy finish, you can use CMYK+White+Varnish inks.

How to Choose the Right UV Printer?

First, choose the right size depending on your production requirements. At UniPrint, we have different models of UV flatbed printers, including A3 format, UV 6090, UV1313, UV 1316, UV 2513, and UV 2030. You can also ask for customized sizes.

Decide on the printing resolution and print head type. Epson print head is an economical option and is suitable for small format printers like the 1313 and 6090. You can go for a G5 or G6 printhead if you print on a large scale.

Make sure you are working with an experienced and reputable manufacturer/supplier. After all, they will provide you with a better after-sales service.

Can UV printers print on fabric?

 You can use UV printing on fabric, but you will have to compromise on the quality, and the print will not last for a long time.

Moreover, you will not get the results you receive from DTG printing. It happens because UV ink is cured on the material surface and does not penetrate yarns.

If you want to print T-shirts, you can use a DTG printer that utilizes water-based pigment for better results.

How can I get a sample of UV printing?

Before investing, it is critical to take a sample. At UniPrint, we are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. Consequently, we provide free samples for UV printing. You may check out our existing samples or send your own for printing. Write to us at sales@uniprintcn.com for a sampling.

Is UV ink poisonous?

It is a misconception that UV ink is poisonous.

UV or Ultraviolet ink gets cured quickly by UV light. It is chemical and abrasion-resistant. Some people may experience skin irritation if they come into contact with the ink before it has dried. However, UV ink is safe.

How much is a UV printer?

UniPrint has different models of UV flatbed printers designed for small, mid-sized, and large format UV printing. They have distinct print heads and printing resolutions. As a result, the price varies from model to model. If you want to learn the exact price, you can call us at 86-15957481803 or write to us at: sales@uniprintcn.com.