Faq For Socks Printer

What’s the socks printer capacity?

Uni print socks printer equip with 2pcs Original Epson printhead DX5.  Capacity 50pairs/hr.


What’s the socks heater capacity?

Uni print socks heater 300pairs/hr. Enough to support 6units socks printer production.

Which socks materials can we print on Uni print socks printer?

Polyester socks, Cotton socks, Bamboo socks, woolen socks, etc.


Which type of socks can we print with Uni print socks printer?

For adult socks. We use an 82mm roller.

For kid's socks, we use a 72mm roller.

Any socks length which is longer than ankle socks.  Because the socks need to be stretched flat for printing process.


What else do I need if I want to run the socks printing production?

To run socks printing production. firstly. Confirm which socks material do you like to print.

For polyester socks, you will need a Printer and a heater.

For cotton socks, you will need a Printer, Heater, Steamer, Washer, Dewater, Dryer

If you own socks dying production. Probably It’s easy for you to make cotton socks printing production. Because some types of equipment like steamer, washer, dewater, the dryer you already running in your facility.


What’s the socks printer and heater size? And Power consumption?

Socks printer: 2870*500*1200MM/180KG.  1KW.    110~220V/Single phase

Socks heater: 2000*1640*2000MM/400KG.  15KW.     240~380V/3 Phases


What’re the socks printing machine warranty?

Machines warranty for 12months.

Spare parts related to ink system, no warranty, especially the print head.

Spare parts in warranty like mainboard/headboard, if it’s damaged, we will need you to return and send a replacement to you.  (if it’s damaged before set up. The express fee will be at our cost. But if after setup.  it’s damaged during printing production. The customer would need to take care of  both the express and the repair cost)


How can we set up the machines?

We will have an instruction manual and a videos guide.

During the pandemic period. Our engineer could not able to fly abroad. So that’s how we offer an online guide to help customers set up machines.


Is it difficult to install the machines?

If you have experience in any digital printer before. For example sublimation printer. It will be very easy for you to handle our machine.  thus our socks printer and heater will be delivered in entire pcs. install printheads, fill ink, do the basic calibration that's all, as long as you follow our video instructions to do step by step. Further, our engineer team will be online help. When necessary we can do video calls to set up.

Uni Print guarantee all our customer are satisfied with our service.


What if the machine breaks down, and need spare parts to be replaced?

When you ordering machines from Uni print. We will offer spare parts list. Which included quick-wear spare parts to be purchased along with the machine.  So it will be easy for you to do a quick replacement under our guide.

When the case happens parts are not available on your side. We will send parts within 1~3days with the fastest express.


Do you offer Inks? Or can we get somewhere else?

Yes, we offer inks along with the printer.

If you print on polyester socks, use sublimation ink.

If you print on cotton/bamboo socks, use reactive ink.

We would suggest you purchase inks from us. As different brand inks may have different color print results. Our engineer team has worked out the perfect color profile for our inks. Which is most suitable for socks printing.


What’s the ink consumption to print 1pair of socks?

Per our customers’ experience. 1liter ink print approx 800pair socks. (1kg with CMYK mixture, cuz you print colorful design )


How many colors can we print?

With CMYK 4color inks, you can print any color design. Digital printing is print on demand and software will deal with your designs to work out higher color fidelity and high precision prints.


How long is the Ink's lifetime?

In well-sealed condition 1year.

With opened condition suggest use within 3~4months.

Pls store inks packages in temperature 5~25℃ conditions without exposure to the sun.



Do you offer a computer along with a printer?

Sorry, we don’t offer computers. But we will advise you below configuration which can be applied to our socks printer.

Microsoft Windows98/Me /2000 /XP/Win7/win10.

What’s includes in this printer?

The printer includes all the spare parts for set up, like printheads, dampers, cables, ink tanks, tubes. Etc.

A toolbox used for machine setup is included.

Software included.

3pcs printing roller included.

2sets Laser for alignment included.

Spare parts like dampers and capping we will send few pieces for free.

Is the working software English version?

Yes, English is available.

How long is the machine production?

Basically 30days.   (Socks printer normally 20days; Socks heater 30days cuz it’s customized voltage)

If multiple units like printers are over 10units. Please discuss this with the vendor.