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UNI Print has a Socks Printer that offers customized printed socks. We offer custom and personalized socks printing on practically any style of sock. Our entire machine solutions for printing socks ensure quality products and services.

Advantage features of Uni Print Digital Socks Printer

There are various advantages of Uni Print digital Socks Printer that provides beautiful designs or patterns printed on socks. From the treatment to the technology involved, you can get an idea about “how the socks printer works” from the following points:

#1. 360-degree socks printing POD technology (Printing On-Demand)

Uni Print Digital Socks Printer can print on all types of socks, from cotton to polyester and bamboo to wool socks. It has a detachable printing roller that can print a pair of socks simultaneously. With its print-on-demand technology, it can print customized socks in small or large quantities. With 360-degree seamless printing, we can print 1 pair/design and easily load different designs into the software. Here, seamless printing means rotary printing with a perfect joint.

2# EPSON DX5 print head

#2. Adopt Original EPSON heads 1/2PCS

Uni Print Digital socks printer is equipped with two original Epson DX5 printheads that increase its speed and efficiency. Despite high speed, it provides customized socks of exceptional quality by directly printing on socks. Epson’s unique micro piezoelectric printing technology controls the deformation of piezoelectric crystals. It precisely controls the size of ink droplets, ensuring excellent printing accuracy, with the smallest ink droplets up to 3.5PL.

#3. Low Noise Tank towline

Tank towline of Uni Print digital Socks Printer has a silent drag chain that produces minimal noise during the printing process. The low noise of the machine results in lower vibrations, contributing to the longevity of the machine.

3# low noise towline
4# cmyk ink system with filter

#4. CMYK ink system with filters

All ink systems of Uni Print Socks Printer are equipped with in-line filters. These filters protect the printheads from becoming clogged, helping to avoid any white leakage even after stretching the socks. With such an efficient ink system, all colours get elegantly printed on any socks.

#5. Lifting system

Uni Print Socks Printer has a lift adjustment feature by which printer roller height can be quickly adjusted up or down. So printing carriage could get a suitable printing height to the socks’ surface. This rapid adjustment leads to getting any design perfectly printed on any material or thickness of the socks.

5# lifting feature
6# absorb ink fly

#6. Absorb ink fly

The sock customized printer has the feature of absorbing ink fly. So during the printing process, tiny inks drops will fly all over the printer area. Thus, this system helps in improving the printing environment.

#7. Dual control system for the roller

Uni Print digital socks printer has a standard air tube connection that can control the roller. In addition, there is a foot pedal control in this system by which a roller can be loosened or fastened. Sometimes, the Socks Printer may have a button control instead of foot pedal control.

7# foot pedal
8# roller holder

#8. Roller holder for easy operation

The unique roller holder of the Uni Print Socks Printer can help in quickly producing the custom socks while increasing the overall operator efficiency.

#9. Universal foot caster

Universal foot caster refers to the wheels on the printer base that helps the roller to move over socks easily. The screws of the wheels are fastened accordingly while the printer remains steady for printing.

9# foot caster
10# High capacity

#10. High capacity socks Printing

Uni Print digital Socks Printer has two pieces of original Epson printhead that can print two socks at a time. It has a speed of printing up to 50 pairs of socks per hour, that is, 400 pairs of customized and personalized socks in 8 hours.

#11. Anti-collision system

Through the anti-collision system, the printhead in the carriage of the printing machine is protected. The machine automatically stops in case of any emergency.

11# anti collision
12# laser

#12. Adjustable laser system

The adjustable laser system helps to print more accurate design positioning between left and right socks. Also, lasers are movable so to adjust the length of the socks.

Watch the YouTube video for a quick understanding of how Uni Print socks printer works.

About UNI Print Digital

UNI Print Digital, a new company, has five years of experience in the Digital Socks Printer market. We’ve been creating digital printers for ten years. We have printing, heating, steaming, and washing factories by carefully lining up. We provide a one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance service for all the equipment we are offering. Our printing factory alone is 1000 square meters. We manufacture digital printers with a staff of over ten skilled product developers. In addition, there are cooperative service outlets around the country that helps us deliver orders within 7-15 days.
We provide custom printed socks, blank socks, and designed sets. Socks made of polyester, bamboo, cotton, wool, etc., can be turned into customized high-quality. Our printing technology makes unique DTG socks. We have pre-made designs that may be modified with photos and text/logo in any quantity and colour. UNI Print allows consumers to choose from a selection of designs, saving time for the customer. These may include cartoons, flowers, sports, and oil painting collections.
Our DTG Socks Printer allows customers to personalize their experience. Also, we provide sock printing machine for sale along with other machines. Our customer machine solutions also help build brands.
With leading manufacturing businesses associated with us, we can help manufacturers sell online. In addition, we provide exceptional customer service, machine setup assistance, and customer training.

Company advantage

Uniprint digital provide customer both socks printing service and Machine solutions. Equipments like socks printer, heater, steamer etc to fulfill your custom printing production needs.

Customer Service

Pls contact us from home page through Email/WhatsApp/Wechat, we will be glad to help answer all your questions regarding socks printing

Guarantee Policy

Free On line guidance for machine maintenance or installation is available, Machine warranty for 1year.(ink system no warranty)

Payment Terms

Uniprint digital provide the most convenience payment term, customer could choose T/T, Paypal, Western union.

Packing Standard

All the machines are well packed with strong wooden package with export standard quality.


We provide Fob Shanghai as usually, by sea/air/train is available. With long-term cooperated shipping forwarder we can offer delivery to door service.


1. Apart from the Socks Printer, what else do I need to run the printing production process?

Before indulging in printing production, you need to confirm the socks’ material you will be printing. For example, if the material is polyester, you will need only a printer and heater. On the other hand, if the material is cotton, you need a printer, heater, steam-washer, dewater, and dryer. If you have your own dying production, it will be easy to print on cotton socks as different equipment is already present in your facility.

2. What to do if the Socks Printer breaks down?

While ordering a Socks Printer from UNI Print, you will also be getting a list of spare parts that suffer from quick wear-and-tear. So, when you purchase the machine, you can also purchase a set of those spare parts. After receiving the product, if you incur any problem, we will send parts within 1 to 3 days along with a replacement guide.

3. What is the capacity of the Socks Printer?

The socks printer of UNI Print is equipped with 2 pieces of Original Epson printhead DX5. It has a capacity of 50 pairs per hour.

4. On which socks materials can UNI socks printer print?

UNI Print can print any design, artwork, images or logo on different types of socks materials, including cotton, polyester, bamboo, wool, etc.

5. Do you offer ink along with a printer?

UNI Print offers ink along with a socks printer. Sublimation ink is used for printing on polyester socks, while reactive ink is used to print on cotton/bamboo socks. Further, we suggest you purchase inks from us as different brands of inks vary in color print results. Our team has made the best color profile which is most suitable for socks printing.

6. What is the warranty of the Socks Printer?

The warranty of the machine is 12 months, while spare parts related to the ink system, such as printhead, have no warranty. We will replace damaged spare parts delivered to you, such as the mainboard/headboard. Here, damage means status before setup. For sending replaced products, we would pay express fees. But if spare parts get damaged after setup, the customer would pay both express and custom fees.

7. What all do you provide with the socks printer?

Along with the Socks Printer, we provide you with all the spare parts you will need for the setup. These include ink tanks, cables, tubes, dampers, printheads, etc. Also, a toolbox and software are provided that helps you in the easy installation of the machine. You will also get 3 pieces of printing roller and 2 sets of laser for alignment. We will also provide different spare parts such as capping and dampers for free.

8. What socks type do you print with socks printer of UNI Print?

The length of the socks should be longer than ankle socks as the socks are stretched flat during the printing process. We use a roller of 82mm for adult socks, while a 72mm roller is used for printing on kids’ socks.

9. Is the installation process of the Socks Printer difficult?

It will be easy for you to install the machine if you have experience installing digital printers such as sublimation printers. We will deliver all the pieces of our printer and heater. You can install printheads and then proceed with filling the ink. You can follow our instructions video for doing the basic calibration. If you still need help, you can set up a video call with our expert team.

10. Is the installation software in English?

Yes, the working software is available in the English version.