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After working in the digital printing industry for more than five years, I wanted to focus more on printing on socks. This stood as a motivation for me as I founded UNI Print. Since I wanted to provide unique printing services, thus the name “UNI Print”. Though socks are tiny garments, they enhance your fashion quotient. So, why not make comfortable and custom socks look more attractive and personalized? After all, personalization is a new trend!!!
By wearing custom socks, your personality would be enhanced and lighting up the whole outfit. Further, socks can be customized for different events, organizations, teams, etc. Our digital printed socks are sure to make you the center of attraction. Also, our machine solutions for printing help you to establish your brand.


When different China agencies focus on dealing with large-size traditional traders, UNI Print boosts the confidence of small and medium-sized businesses. Having long-term partnerships with top manufacturing plants in China, we aim to serve our customers to get customized printed socks. Like every business, we too have both a story and a motivation that encourages our customers to serve better. Embedded with experience, we assure our customers are fully satisfied with our services.
Our services help in making socks that would be suitable for 360 digital socks printing. With the best material and highest quality guaranteed, UNI Print provides fast turnaround time along with worldwide shipping. Our fast, dynamic, and online services assure full customer satisfaction. By spending time researching, we strive to know and meet customers’ demands.


UNI Print, is not a big company but have experience in the digital printing machine industry for five years. Our base factory has 10 years of experience in making digital printers. We provide our customers customized and personalized socks printing services on almost all types of socks. We assure you get quality product and services with our complete machine solutions for printing socks.
Since processes includes printing, heating, steaming, washing, etc. Our factories include printer, heater, and steamer, washer, etc. By carefully lining the factories together, we provide products with one year warranty and lifetime maintenance service. Our printer factory, alone, is of 1000 square meters. With a team of more than 10 experienced product development personnel, we create conventional products with long-term stocks. There are various cooperative service outlets in different areas of the country. This helps us to to make fast delivery every order.



Over five years of experience in the digital printing industry, UNI Print aims to offer its start-up customers custom socks. The whole digital socks printing solutions provide pre-and post-treatment solutions. We have a workshop for printing socks and different factories for making machines. Our services include printing services and machine solutions.

In an era of traditional dye knitting socks requiring a high MOQ, 360 digital socks printing stands as an innovation. Digital printing avoids imperfection of the pattern from dye-sublimation, giving the perfect solution for customers. Even after stretching, there is no stress of any white leakage.

Under printing services, we provide custom printing socks, blank socks, and designed collections. The best part is we can print on all types of socks. Be it polyester socks, bamboo socks, cotton socks, wool socks, etc. You can get high-quality and super comfy socks customized. Our printing process helps you get personalized custom DTG socks. We have pre-set designs that can be customized with photos and texts as long with less quantity limit and without color limit. With a variety of designs, UNI Print helps customers to select an existing design. These may include cartoon series, flower series, sports series, oil painting series, and many more. This helps the customer save time in designing.
As different socks printing need different inks, our machine solutions include pre-and post-treatment equipment accompanied by printer, heater, and steamer washer. We offer DTG socks printer that helps customers get a more customized experience. Also, our customer machine solutions help customers establish brands. With top manufacturing companies by our side, we can help manufacturers to become successful e-commerce sellers. Along with quality customer service, we also provide machines set-up assistance and customer training.

Along with our 360 printing solutions, we provide different services to our customers. By creating a custom design with low MOQs and custom packaging, we help small and medium business to establish themselves as brands. UNI Print focuses on providing printing solutions for our customers by making custom socks. For providing whole printing solutions, we contain all related equipment needed for 360 printing such as printer, heater, steamer-washer, etc.

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Our dedicated team works creatively to bring in more attractive designs for our customers. Among different top Chinese exporters, we are located in the beautiful city of Ningbo in South-East China. This helps us ensure fast delivery of quality digital socks printing products to the customers.

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We, at UNI Print, are dedicated and focused on accomplishing our mission in the socks printing industry. By digitally revolutionizing the socks printing industry, we aim to make socks more valuable for our customers. Our whole printing solutions help make custom business more competitive.