About Socks Printing

Socks printing is an innovative way of making socks more appealing, fun, and valuable. It lets you create custom prints on socks by printing digital-based images straight onto them.
At UniPrint, we provide digital socks printing solutions that help you create customized designs on socks made of cotton, wool, bamboo, and polyester.
If you are a small or mid-size socks-making company, you can invest in our socks printing technology. Our digital printing solutions will add value to your ordinary socks. This small investment can give you good returns in the long run. Furthermore, you will reach out to new customers and stay ahead of your competition.

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Advantages of Printed Socks


No Color Limit

CMYK 4colors ink print color any designs' color combinations



We can print even one sock per design, consider labor efficiency we set 100pairs/MOQ


Various Materials Options

We can print on different materials like polyester, cotton, bamboo, wool, etc


Fast turnaround

Custom printing socks order 500pairs can be completed in 3~7days


No Pressing Lines

Adopt 360 seamless printing, unlike sublimated socks, has heat pressing lines


No Inner Threads Residues

Adopt 360 seamless printing, unlike jacquard socks, has inner threads residues


No Leaking White

Adopt 360 seamless printing, printing ink goes into yarns as it's stretched on the printing roller


High-resolution Prints

Epson DX5 printhead with 3.5pl ink droplet. 1440dpi high-resolution printing effect

How To Custom Print Socks

Working steps for you to follow


Step 1: Select Your Socks Model

We have plain socks in stock for both polyester socks and cotton socks. confirm with which model you like to proceed. with the stock model, we can make fast delivery.
In contrast, if you like to make your own style of socks pls be note production MOQ is 3000pairs.


Step 2: Make Your Design

Based on our layout, make your design/logo in Photoshop or illustrator, and design what you what like to print on the socks. save as JPEG, TIFF, PSD, Ai, etc.    (download the layout)


Step 3: Make Sample Printing

After receiving your designs, it will take 3~7days for sample printing. after it's done we will send you a photo for confirmation. or a physical sample to be sent to you for confirmation.
polyester socks sampling $50/time
cotton socks sampling $100/time
ps: Refundable when order meets 2000pair/order


Step 4: Sample confirmation

After reviewing the printed sample. send a comment or confirm the sample. we proceed with production based on printed samples.


Step 5: Payment arrangement

Once the production order is confirmed. Customers need to proceed with a 30% deposit payment.  the balance payment needs to proceed after production completion.


Step 6: Delivery

Once the balance payment is received. we will make the delivery. Small qty order delivery by express is suggested. Large qty order delivery by sea shipping is suggested

Why Choose UniPrint?

We at UniPrint have experience of over 10 years in digitally printing socks. You can get any design or pattern printed on socks of different materials, sizes, and colors. Also, you can go for custom designs such as face socks. With our uniqueness of 360-degree digital printing, we can print custom socks representing your companies and businesses through logos or brand-relevant designs. These socks can help in creating a cohesive brand.
What’s more important. UniPrint supplies various types of digital printing machines. Our printing solutions include socks printers, T-shirt  printers, DTF printers, UV flatbed printers, and sublimation printers.

UniPrint Designed Collection

UNI Print designed collection offers 8 collections of differently designed socks that will be increased and updated in the future. The designed custom series include mismatch design series, sports series, oil painting series, cartoon series, flower series, abstract series, fruits series etc. If a customer cannot decide which design he/she should get printed, he/she can choose the design from these samples, thereby saving their time. For socks prints, the customer first needs to choose a design and then the socks materials. There are two materials available for designing socks, namely, polyester and cotton.

The designed socks have exquisite workmanship that assures perfection in every detail of the graphic. The same attention is paid to both insides as well as outside the socks. The elasticity of the socks is assured to be exactly fit, that is, not too tight nor too loose. You can get any design, image, or logo printed on the socks with the customized service. The socks are crafted so that they fit the heel without any burden on the toes. Thus, these socks are of high value and high quality.

You can wear custom socks as casual wear, cycling wear, outdoor wear, running wear, sportswear, and streetwear. We can deliver 100 pairs, 500 pairs, and 1000 pairs within five business days, eight business days, and 15 business days, respectively, along with an express time of 5 to 10 days from China. Orders within 5000pairs can be delivered in 20days, excluding express time.


360 Printing Socks Designed Collection-Christmas Series


360 Printing Socks Designed Collection-Mismatch Design Series


360 Printing Socks Designed Collection-Sports Series

oil painting

360 Printing Socks Designed Collection-Oil Painting Series


360 Printing Socks Designed Collection-Cartoon Series


360 Printing Socks Designed Collection-Flower Series


360 Printing Socks Designed Collection-Abstract Series


360 Printing Socks Designed Collection-Fruits Series

UniPrint Equipment for Socks Printing Production


Socks Printer

UniPrint socks printer is an advanced printing machine to print on socks made of polyester, cotton, wool, and bamboo fabric. It is a multi-function 360° socks printing machine that adopts POD (Print on Demand) technology. Since the printer can print in low quantities, it is suitable for small businesses

2 heater

Socks Heater

UniPrint socks heater that helps with the curing of socks. It is a crucial step in the socks printing process. The printer can accommodate 40 pcs of socks simultaneously and can heat 300 pairs of socks per hour. The heater is user-friendly, featuring a separate control cabinet for speed, temperature, and fan circulation.


3 steamer

Socks Steamer

Steaming is another primary process in socks printing  that cures ink ontosocks. UniPrint industrial socks steamer is customized for digitally printed socks. You will notice the better absorption of color and prints on the socks. We have added different evaporation modes such as Hanging, Steaming, and Tiling for extra convenience.

4 washer

Socks Washer

This industrial socks washing machine for bulk washing. Besides socks, you can use the washer to clean bedding sheets and other clothes. It features an advanced temperature control system that ensures an accurate rinsing process. The socks washer is suitable for both small and mid-sized socks printing businesses.

5 dewater

Socks Dewater

UniPrint socks dewater lets you dewater your socks. It utilizes a centrifugal dehydration technique to remove water from socks. You can also use this industrial machine to dewater beddings and clothes. The machine is easy to use and does not require any prior training to operate.


6. dryer

Socks Dryer

UniPrint socks dryer dries dewatered socks in bulk. You can also use it to dry your bedding sheets and regular clothes. We have given it toughened transparent glass so that you can see the drying status of your clothes. The dryer has an automatic temperature controller which adjusts as per your clothing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any minimum order quantity?

All international orders have a set minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Though digital printing socks have less MOQ, we can even make 1 pair per design. Considering labor efficiency, we have set an MOQ of 100 pairs per design per size.

What are the steps involved in custom printing socks?

For getting DTG socks, first, you need to choose the perfect socksmaterial for you. The second step involves the designing process,where you can make your own design or choose from our pre-set designs. The sample printing will take around 3 to 7 days. If you want a physical sample of polyester socks, it will cost you $50/time, while charges for cotton sample socks are $100/time. Sample charges are refundable only if your order is above 3000 pairs. After you confirm the sample and make an advance payment, we will start printing socks in bulk. We will send the photos and videos of the final product.
As soon as we get the balance payment, we will ship it to your place via express (for small orders) or sea shipping (for large orders).

What payment modes do you accept?

You can pay for your custom print socks through PayPal, Western Union, or directly to our bank account. You need to make 30% of the total payment in advance, and the remaining 70% before the final product gets shipped.

What are the shipping fees?

The shipping fees depend on how you want your product to be delivered. Choosing express mode will be the most expensive yet quickest way to receive your product. However, we recommend you select freight mode if you have ordered in bulk.

What about the return/exchange/refund policy?

You cannot return the final product delivered to you as we ship the product after your final confirmation. Further, it is customized for you, and we cannot sell it to someone else. But if the size differs or you receive a damaged product, we will definitely exchange it for you.

In which modes do you accept payment?

We accept the payment through PayPal, Western Union, and Wire Transfer TT. The customer needs to pay 30% of the total price in advance, while 70% balance must be paid before shipment loads.

Do you provide a custom package for small orders?

While ordering for printing on regular socks, there is a default package with an MOQ of 1000 pairs. But if you want to order in small quantities, the charges may differ according to the MOQ package and the number of batches runs for your order.

Will I get a sample before ordering in bulk?

We offer you free samples for checking printing quality. However,though samples are free, freight charges of $50 have to be paid.

What about an exchange/return/refund policy?

We cannot exchange or take returns of the designed socks once delivered to your place. Before proceeding with custom orders, we get samples confirmed from you. Since they have your favorite designs/images/logos, we cannot sell them to anyone else. Exchange is possible if the size sent by us is wrong or if the product is damaged.

What are the sizes of socks you offer?

Polyester socks are small (6-8.5), medium (9-11), large (10-13), and extended (13-15).
Cotton socks are for Women (9-11), Men (10-13)