Sublimation Printing Solution

Sublimation printing is a unique printing process enabling you to print onto a sublimation transfer paper and then transport that print onto the fabric with the help of a heat press. In most cases, the material used in this form of printing is either 100% polyester or has a high percentage of polyester.

The ability to print on rigid surfaces makes sublimation printing so unique. Furthermore, you get a limitless range of colors. Sublimation printing is known for its extensive durability as it is a coating layer on the sublimation paper. Moreover, in comparison to other fabric printing processes, sublimation printing is straightforward.


Advantages of Sublimation Printing


Print on Demand Technology

UniPrint High-Performance Dye Sublimation Printer is equipped with cutting-edge Print On Demand (POD) technology. POD employs a “built-to-order” model that is only printed as they are ordered.
POD is less expensive, faster, and overall easier to implement - which means that you get to save a lot on all ends with our sublimation printing solutions.


Wide Application

The UniPrint Sublimation Printer has a wide application! No matter what the niche of your business is, you can employ our printing solutions to elevate your work process.
Our application ranges from advertising, display, and home textile, right down to graphic apparel, customization gifts, and much more. Simply put: no matter what your business is, you can entrust our sublimation printing to help you as far as you can.


Multiple Coloring Options

Our sublimation printing solutions come with no limits whatsoever! Want to print something colorful? The CMYK 4colors ink presents thousands of colors, so you don’t have to hold back on the aesthetic value of your fabric or other materials, and can get whatever colors you want right on paper.


Simple and Fast Process

If you work under strict deadlines and you have to bring designs to life in the form of prints in a quick time, sublimation printing is an excellent option for you. Sublimation printing applies fewer equipment such sublimation printer and heat press or rotary heater. so it takes less effort and less operation time.

Process of Sublimation Printing

Working steps for you to follow


Step 1: Design Process

Drafting the print design is the first step in the sublimation printing process. You can choose any design pattern as per your theme and business goal. Any standard graphic software like CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, or Photoshop can help you create designs. The UniPrint sublimation printer comes with RIP (Raster Image Processor) to set up the artwork. The software includes a file interpreter to convert EPS, PS, or TIFF to RTL and CMYK. Make sure the file type you choose is compatible with the printer. You will use this design to print onto sublimation transfer paper.


Step 2: Printing of Design onto Sublimation Paper

It is a straightforward process that our sublimation printer helps you with. Always use high-quality compatible sublimation transfer paper for the print.
The UniPrint sublimation printer utilizes CMYK 4 color ink that can print numberless colors. Furthermore, the printer features print-on-demand technology allowing you to get customized orders in minimum order quantity. The printer prints design onto a large ream of transfer paper using special sublimation inks. Even though inks are liquid inside the ink cartridge, they solidify after printing.


Step 3: The sublimation heat transfer process

This is the actual printing process in sublimation printing. Once you have printed the sublimation transfer paper with the design pattern, align the ream of transfer paper with your polyester fabric. Ensure that the printed side of the sublimation paper is toward the textile material.Next, you have to use your heat press or rotary heater to proceed with sublimation printing. Set your paper and fabric into the heated roller. Let this process continue until it reaches the temperature. You can set the temperature and pressure from the control panel.How much temperature you have set depends on the material you are using to print. After all, different materials have distinct heat resistance capacities. Nevertheless, most sublimation materials need a temperature of 400°F for one 1minute. The intense heat transfers print from paper to fabric and opens the pores of the fabric so that it can accept ink more deeply. The pores get closed when the heat is turned off, helping the ink reach a solid-state.


Step 4: Cutting and Sewing of Sublimated Fabric

This is the last step in sublimation printing. Once the bolt of fabric that has your design has been cured, remove the sublimation transfer paper. Next, cut the design out of the fabric material using our visual laser cutter. You will receive a perfect cut because the cutter has integrated visual recognition technology. Cut out the individual pieces of fabric to create a complete T-shirt or other garments.Note: Cutting /sewing process is optional if your product is a finished one. it will be completed after the heat pressing operation.


Step 5: Finished Product

After packing or labeling, Now your customized product is ready to be sold. Sublimation printing is quite a straightforward printing process. By combining a sublimation printer, heat press or rotary heater, also with a laser cutter, you can provide your company with a whole new set of creative options

Why Choose UniPrint?

UniPrint offers an all-encompassing printing solution, from sublimation printers and heat presses to rotary heaters, laser cutters, and much more. Our highly experienced team of hardware and software experts and R & D professionals ensures the highest quality across all our products and services.

Here’s how we stand out from other brands

● Free sampling: we offer free existing and custom samples to customers before their purchase and free spare parts along with every purchase of our simulation printer.
● We offer FOB, CIF sea, and door-to-door service to facilitate worldwide customers.
● Round-the-clock customer support to ensure customer satisfaction, anywhere, anytime!

UniPrint Equipment for Sublimation Printing Production


Sublimation Printer UP1802

UniPrint UP 1800-2 sublimation printer is an advanced dye-sublimation printer that lets you print high-resolution, vibrant color designs on transfer paper. It provides print resolution up to 1440x 2880 dpi. Furthermore, it features two print heads and prints with the speed of 80㎡/h (2pass) and 40㎡/h (4pass).


Sublimation Printer UP1804

UniPrint UP 1800-4 is another variant of a sublimation printer. It supports 4 print heads and can achieve a printing speed of 160㎡/h (2 Pass) and 80㎡/h (4 Pass). The maximum printing width you can achieve using this printer is 1800mm. You also get an excellent print resolution of 1440x2880dpi.

sublimation printer UP1808

Sublimation Printer UP1808

Featuring 8 pieces of print heads, the UniPrint UP 1800-8 sublimation printer gives you a maximum printing speed of 320㎡/h with 1 pass and 160㎡/h with 2 passes. The printer is designed to give you top-notch sublimation printing as it has an integrated dryer and intelligent infrared heating for quick drying.


sublimation printer 2015

Sublimation Printer UP2015

UP 3200-15 sublimation printer is suitable for businesses that take sublimation printing orders in bulk. The printer comes with 15 print heads and gives a print resolution of 1440x2880dpi. You get a super printing speed of 550㎡/h with single-pass and 270㎡/h with double-pass. Furthermore, you get a maximum print width of 2000mm.



Rotary Heater

UniPrint rotary heater helps you with the heat transfer process. It is a vital step in sublimation printing. The heat press machine allows you to transfer the print pattern from sublimation paper to polyester-based textiles. The heating and pressing ensure that the ink has dissolved properly. You can use our rotary heater for both cutting pieces and roll-to-roll fabric.


Visual Laser Cutter

The UniPrint visible laser cutter is an essential tool of the sublimation printing process. You use it to cut sublimation fabric with high accuracy. Since it has a camera scan function, it can recognize graphic curves and provide precise cuts accordingly. This automatic cutting machine saves labor and time without compromising on cutting quality.


Sublimation Ink

UniPrint provides you with eco-friendly, water-based sublimation ink so that you can have a wonderful sublimation printing experience. You can use our ink for different Sublimation printers with Epson printheads. It infuses into fabric entirely; therefore, you get durable prints. Our CMYK 4 color ink is a unique blend that can produce thousands of colors.


Sublimation Paper

At UniPrint, you can also buy premium quality sublimation papers that absorb and retain ink properly. Our unique sublimation printing paper can release ink directly onto various materials and products. Sublimation paper is a quick and easy way to customize your items. We have sublimation papers with different grams per square meter (GSM). You can choose 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, and 120 gsm papers.

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Rotary Heater

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation Printing is a process printing onto a special paper calls sublimation transfer paper, then use a heat press machine or a rotary heater to transfer the prints onto the fabrics(usually the fabric to be fully polyester fabric or high polyester content fabric).  due to there's coating layer on the sublimation paper. the printing on the fabric has great durability and washability

How Can I Get Started With Sublimation Printing?

Firstly you will need get a sublimation printer, and heat press machine or rotary heater. sublimation ink and transfer paper.

Secondly, Proceed printing your design onto the transfer paper through sublimation printer.

Thirdly, Get the printed transfer paper, use heat press machine to transfer the prints onto polyester fabrics. usually the fabric is white color. it will have better printing effect.

Which Products Can We do Sublimation?

Sublimation printing can be applied in various products. such as sports garments like beanie, shirts, pants, socks,  also like mugs, phone covers, ceramic plates etc.. there're so many we can not name them all.

With UniPrint Sublimation printer, you can proceed with sports wear garments. since our sublimation printer is wide format printer, it's for roll to roll transfer paper printing. we offer whole sublimation solutions like rotary heater, transfer paper, sublimation ink along with the sublimation printer.

What Happens If You Sublimate On Cotton Fabric?

Sublimation printing can be only use for fully polyester fabric or high content polyester fabric printing. it will not work well on cotton fabrics. as the printing it will wash off.

What Supplies Do I Need For Sublimation?

Sublimation printer, heat press machine/rotary heater, laser cutter, sublimation ink, sublimation transfer paper. protective paper

Is Sublimation Business Profitable?

Sublimation printing is an simple, fast and cost effective way for a customization business.

Can You Sublimate On Black Fabrics?

No, sublimation printing can be only applied to white or light color fabrics. cuz the ink we use is CMYK. so the printed designs doesn't contain any white layer. so we can not do sublimation transfer on black fabrics.

If Sublimated Prints Will Be Faded After Washing

Sublimation printing is embedded in the substrate or fabric. The sublimated printing images on substrate or fabric won't fade or crack even after multiple washings.

What Are The Advantages Of Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation is simple  and fast operation, it is cost effective way.

Sublimation has unlimited color printing exclude white color.

Sublimation printing has wide applications. can be used onto rigid object like cups,mugs, ceramic tiles, phone case cover, wallets, flip flops, etc, also can be used on polyester fabric, product such as sports garments. as well as advertising like flags, signage like backlight cloth.and more on.

Sublimation printing fit low MOQ orders and bulk production order.  due to print-on demand technology. customer will not need to set a minimum for printing .

What Are The Disadvantages Of Sublimation Printing?

1. For textile fabric, you can only sublimated to fully polyester fabric or high content of polyester fabric. higher content polyester printing effect will be better than the less content ones.

2. For non-textile substrates, only items which have a special polyester coating can be used.

3. you can only sublimated onto white background or light background substrates.

4. sublimated prints may fade away if it's expose to sunlight in long time.

Can You Only Do Sublimation On White Polyester Fabrics?

Sublimation printing can be transferred onto white fabric or light color background fabrics. Due to Sublimation printer use CMYK 4colors inks. with fully White background fabric does work better for producing the most vibrant then other background fabrics.

What's Temperature And Time Shall Be Use For Sublimation?

Time and temperature will be depends on what substrate you will be heat pressed. Usually, temperature of 360°-400°F is recommended for 45~60seconds. you will need to adjust it according to the testing result.  find a suitable time and temperature for sublimate your products

How Can I Get A Sublimated Sample?

Pls contact us by email.

if you like to print some designs. pls provide with your artworks.