T-Shirt Printing Solution

DTG(Direct-to-garment) or T-shirt Printing is a high-tech printing solution. Its aquatic inkjet technology makes it more environmentally friendly than conventional T-shirt printing techniques.

T-shirt Printing is an ideal printing solution for cotton T-shirts or T-shirts with a high percentage of cotton. Unlike screen printing, T-shirt Printing lets you print graphics or design patterns directly on the clothing.

The process of printing is as simple as printing on paper. The only difference is, that you print on garments. Since T-shirt Printing is used for T-shirts specifically, some people call it T-shirt printing. You can print any design you like without any color limitations.


Advantages of T-Shirt Printing


No Color Limit

UniPrint Tee printing machines feature CMYK O R G B 8 colors+White ink. As a result, it can print thousands of colors. further customer able to print on dark color or light color t-shirts.



Due to Print-on-demand technology. UniPrint DTG Printer can fulfill small T-shirt digital printing orders on customer request. small qty orders or bulk orders are always welcomed.


Various Materials Options

UniPrint DTG printer can print on different materials like cotton, cotton blends, linen, and other natural fibers. Application products include t-shirts, polos, hoodies, jeans, tote bags, silk scarfs, and pillows. etc.


Fast turnaround

UniPrint DTG printer has high-speed printing up to 1min per shirt with the superior printing quality. in this way, customers could finish orders in quick turnaround t-shirt printing.

Process of T-Shirt Printing


Step 1: Design Process

While the UniPrint DTG printer allows you to print directly onto T-shirts, you prepare custom print designs on your computer first. You can use software like Photoshop(ps) and illustrator(ai) to create a print design. The design you make must fit the platform size of the printer. Also, you need to ensure it looks appropriate on your T-shirt.


Step 2: Pretreatment Process

The pretreatment process involves the spraying of pretreatment solutions onto T-shirts. It ensures that white ink mixes with the fabric properly. The solution acts as glue and binds inks with fabric. Furthermore, it prevents color change and gives vibrant prints on light-colored T-shirts. You may use our pretreatment equipment for uniform spraying.


Step 3: Printing Process

DTG printer is used for the T-shirt Printing process. First, you fix your T-shirt on the flat printing platform of the printer. There should be no wrinkles on the T-shirt. Next, give the command to proceed with printing from your computer. When the machine's yellow light turns on, press the button to let the platform enter inside. The machine will begin printing automatically as the green light turns on.


Step 4: Heating Process

The heating process is not simply the evaporation of water from the printed ink. The curing process ensures that the ink has reached the maximum level of performance for adhesion. There are various machines for the heating process, such as a heat press, drawer heater, and tunnel dryer. The heating temperature and time for curing depend on the type of curing equipment, material, and ink type. The drying temperature should be between 150-160°C for two minutes. If you use a different t-shirt and different inks, the temperature and time may vary.


Step 5: Finished Product

Once you are done with heating and curing, your custom T-shirts are ready to be used. Now you can retail them. with DTG Printing, it's much more flexible as it can be customized based on received orders. you will need to store a blank t-shirt in stock for printing use. order can be low MOQ or high Volume with a fast turnaround.

Why Choose UniPrint?

UniPrint is a trustworthy digital printing solution provider operating from Ningbo, China. We have been providing a wide range of printing solutions for T-shirt printing and Socks Printing since 2015.

We aim to support small and mid-sized businesses that are in the T-shirt and Socks printing industry. UniPrint provides them with high-quality industrial digital printers, including DTG printers, Socks printers, Sublimation printers, and UV flatbed printers.

You can receive our products in all primary locations across the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

UniPrint Equipment for T-Shirt Printing Production


Pretreatment Machine

UniPrint pretreatment machine helps you coat T-shirt fabric with a pretreatment solution. The cotton fabric requires some pretreatment before you apply prints to it. This automatic pretreatment equipment spreads pretreatment solutions evenly over T-shirts. The machine also has a speed controller to adjust the speed of spraying.

DTG Printer-1

DTG Printer

The UniPrint DTG printer enables you to print designs and photos straight onto garments. It utilizes inkjet technology to offer high-resolution prints. The T-shirt Printing machine comes with a dual-platform allowing the operator to print one T-shirt and keep another ready to be printed. It helps to speed up the process.

heat press-1

Heat Press

UniPrint heat press is an ideal investment for small T-shirt printing firms having limited space and budget. The heat press machine aids in the curing process. It helps you dry the print ink and cure it until it is ready for adhesion. You have to cure the cotton T-shirt at 180°C for 35seconds. However, depending on the fabric type and inks, temperature and time may vary.

Drawer heater-1

Drawer Heater

The drawer heater also helps with the curing process similar to the heat press. The heater is suitable for mid-sized businesses. It comes with an automated conveyor for bringing fabric inside. The machine speeds up your DTG printer process. The temperature of the drawer should be 150-160°C for 2mins. Nevertheless, time and temperature might vary according to T-shirt and ink types. So you adjust the time accordingly.

tunnel heater-1

Tunnel Dryer

The UniPrint tunnel dryer also helps you with the heating and curing process. It is somewhat similar to the drawer heater, but it has more capacity comparatively. We have designed it for T-Shirt printing companies that do mass production. If you want a customized tunnel dryer, we provide that as well. You can cure up to hundreds of T-shirts per hour with a tunnel dryer.

pigment ink

Pigment Ink

Inkjet ink for T-shirt printing is Pigment ink. Pigment ink is eco-friendly ink. Its textile use water-based inkjet ink. what's more important. we offer both domestic ink and Dupont ink. we have 8color of C, M, Y, K, O, R, G, B also additional White ink. suitable for bot light color and dark color for vivid printing. UniPrint offer you ink solutions along with printing machines.

DTG Printing service

Printing Service

UniPrint offers these customers who want DTG printing on t-shirts but doesn't want to use a DTG Printing machine. with UniPrint, you can brand your t-shirts with digital printing. custom printing for t-shirts at low MOQ such as 100pcs per design per size. you will have various color t-shirts optional from our stock shirts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Custom T-shirt Printing?

Custom T-shirt printing is a printing technology that lets you create any preferred design onto a T-shirt. The material of the T-shirt should be cotton, silk, linen, or any other natural fabric. However, T-shirts with a higher percentage of cotton are often preferred. DTG T-shirt printing uses the aquatic inkjet technique, which is easy on the pocket and the environment. What sets custom T-shirt printing unique is, that you can print graphics straight on garments.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom T-shirt Printing?

People who work in the T-shirt retail industry can benefit greatly from custom T-shirt printing.  We all know that custom T-shirts have higher prices than plain T-shirts. Besides this, custom printing is an ideal way to market your brand. With logo T-shirt printing, you can bring awareness about your product.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) For Custom T-shirt Printing?

At UniPrint, we accept small quantity orders as well as bulk T-shirt printing. Our DTG shirt printing technology can print even one-piece T-shirts per design. However, we have set an MOQ of 100 T-shirts per design, considering the labor cost and other expenses.

What Colors Can Be Printed On Custom T-shirts?

Color options are limitless when it comes to tee printing. No matter, whether you want black T-shirt printing or high-end T-shirt printing, color options are endless.

Our direct-to-shirt printing technology uses C, M, Y, K, O, R, G, B, 8 colors of ink. The blend of these eight colors can make thousands of new colors. We also use White ink for dark background T-shirts.

On What Types Of Materials Can I Get Custom T-shirt Printing Done?

At UniPrint, we provide custom T-shirt printing on all types of cotton, silk, and linen T-shirts. Besides T-shirts, we provide printing services for hoodies, tote bags, pillow covers, silk scarfs, and more.

Will I Get Good Printing Quality On T-shirt Printing?

UniPrint ensures premium-quality printing, whether you need a 3D Print T-shirt, Black T-shirt printing, or graphic T-shirt printing. It has state-of-the-art DTG printing, featuring EPSON print heads to provide high image quality. The printer gives you 720x2400dpi high-density resolution.

what Are the Sampling Charges for Custom T-Shirt Printing?

UniPrint insists its customers check out some samples before placing the order for bulk T-shirt printing. It gives you an idea about the quality of digital print shirts. We do not charge for our existing printed T-shirt samples. However, if you want to check your design printing on a cotton T-shirt, it would be paid. However, we refund the sampling fee if you place an order for 1000 pcs of T-shirts later. Get in touch with our sales team to learn sampling charges for single T-shirts. You may email at  sales@uniprintcn.com.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

You can pay for your orders via T/T, Western Union, and PayPal. Choose any of the mediums you prefer.

Do You Have a Return/Refund Policy?

Before we proceed with T-shirt printing, we provide you with samples. After your confirmation, we take the next step. Therefore, there should be no doubt about the quality of printing. Since it is a custom order, we won’t be able to return orders and refund the payment. After all, we cannot sell your orders to other customers.

Nevertheless, UniPrint provides a full return and refund in case it's their fault. For example, if we deliver the wrong size or poor quality products to you.

What Are the Shipping Charges for T-Shirt Printing?

The shipping cost for custom clothes printing depends on the type of shipping service you choose, and the distance of your location. If you want

T-shirt printing in less quantity, choose the express mode. You will not only save money, but you will also receive your order on schedule. In case you have ordered bulk T-shirt printing, Sea shipping mode will be a good choice for you.

UniPrint has tie-ups with several shipping agencies. Therefore, we ensure on-time delivery at the best possible price.

Is Your Custom T-Shirt Printing Eco-Friendly?

Yes, the UniPrint T-shirt printing service is completely safe and environmentally friendly. After all,  it utilizes water-based pigment ink.