Designed Socks

UniPrint Designed Socks

What are designed socks?

UNI Print designed collection offers seven collections of differently designed socks that will be increased and updated in the future. The designed custom series include mismatch design series, sports series, oil painting series, cartoon series, flower series, abstract series, and fruits series.If a customer cannot decide which design he/she should get printed, he/she can choose the design from these samples, thereby saving their time. For socks prints, the customer first needs to choose a design and then the socks materials. There are two materials available for designed socks, namely, polyester and cotton.

The designed socks have exquisite workmanship that assures perfection in every detail of the graphic. The same attention is paid to both inside as well as outside the socks. The elasticity of the socks is assured to be exactly fit, that is, not too tight nor too loose. You can get any design, image, or logo printed on the socks with the customized service. The socks are such crafted that they fit the heel without any burden on the toes. Thus, these socks are of high value and high quality.

You can wear custom socks as casual wear, cycling wear, outdoor wear, running wear, sportswear, and streetwear. We can deliver 100 pairs, 500 pairs,1000 pairs within five business days, eight business days, and 15 business days, respectively, along with an express time of 5 to 10 days from China. Order within 5000pairs can be delivered in 20days, excluding express time.

Why choose UNI, and how it works?

UNI Print offers designed socks (regular sports polyester socks) made of 85% polyester, 10% cotton, and 5% spandex. Cotton socks are made of 80% cotton,20% spandex. Our digital print socks are simple yet stylish, elegant yet comfortable to wear for most people. Furthermore, we ensure that our high-quality socks are customized according to the design or pattern that you want.

The designed socks are breathable, comfortable, and absorb sweat quickly. They are wear-resistant and multi-functional, especially whether running or walking. Further, they help protect your toes and ankles while keeping your skin soft and healthy.

You can select a socks model from blanks socks, there are polyester socks and cotton socks 2materials options. And in our existing collection, you can review all the different designs. Further, you can customize your own socks model. Here, it is to be noted that 3000 pairs are needed as per knitting MOQ. But we can put it in stock for customers and run printing order batch by batches since printing MOQ is 100pair/design/size. You can design on your own or take help from our designer. After around 3 to 7 days, we will send a confirmation photo. If you want physical samples, it would cost you around 50$ to 100$, excluding express charges. Polyester socks sampling charges 50$/time while cotton socks sampling charges are 100$/time as the process is complex. Further, for over 2000pairs, we will refund the customer sampling fee.

After confirming, you need to deposit 30% as an advance. We will then proceed with bulk production, and then the customer needs to deposit the balance of 70% of the payment. We suggest you send a small volume via an express agent and a large volume via sea shipping.


No color limit


No inner thread residues



Various materials options


No heat pressing line


Fast turnaround


1. Why should I choose custom socks?

While plain socks cost you around 5$, the price of digital print socks ranges between 14.99$ and 29.95$ on Google. Since designed socks make people look different and attractive, there is high demand. UNI Print offers DTG socks at less quantity, unlimited color choice, multiple material options, fast delivery, and affordable price.

2. What kind of socks can be used for printing?

We can get socks prints for you on materials such as cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, or bamboo. Unfortunately, as cotton and polyester are the most commonly used materials, our collection of designed socks has only a few models for customer options.

3. What types of designs can be printed on socks?

You can get any design, image, artwork, or logo printed on socks. Though shadow or dark color also can be printed, very small area printing or 1color printing/solid color printing effect is less good than knitted socks. Also, without copyright permission and consent, we don’t print any licensed image or brand logo.

4. Will I get a sample before ordering in bulk?

Yes, we offer free samples of designed socks from our collection series to ensure printing quality. The existing design socks samples are free but considering freight express charges, they cost you around 50$.

5. Is there any minimum order quantity?

All international orders have a set minimum order quantity (MOQ). Though we can print 1 pair/design, we would set 100 pairs/design/size, considering labor efficiency. If you want less than the set MOQ, you can contact the company for custom fees.

6. What are the charges for custom socks?

Polyester digital print socks sampling charges are 50$/time, while cotton socks sampling charges are 100$/time as the process is complex. Both charges exclude express fees. Further, for over 2000pairs, we will refund the customer sampling fee. Cooperated customers’ orders more than 3times, will be free sampling for future orders. Please contact us by email to get unit cost of each pair.

7. Is there any extra charge of shipping fees?

The designed socks are shipped via express, sea, air, or land. Thus, the shipping cost depends on how you choose to receive the product. Though express is the quickest mode, it is relatively expensive. Therefore, if you order in bulk, sea freight is the best and affordable way.

8. In which modes do you accept payment?

We accept the payment through PayPal, Western Union, and Wire Transfer TT. The customer needs to pay 30% of the total price in advance, while 70% balance must be paid before shipment loads.

9. What about an exchange/return/refund policy?

We cannot exchange or take returns of the designed socks once delivered to your place. Before proceeding with custom orders, we get samples confirmed from you. Since they have your favorite designs/images/logos, we cannot sell them to anyone else. Exchange is possible if the size sent by us is wrong or if the product is damaged.

10. What are the sizes of socks you offer?

Polyester socks are small (6-8.5), medium (9-11), large (10-13), and extended (13-15). Cotton socks are Women (9-11), Men (10-13)