White Socks Polyester

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Item: White Socks-Plain Polyester socks

Service: Custom printing

Material Composition: 85% Polyester, 10% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Sample leadtime: 3~5days

MOQ: 100 Pairs / Design / Size

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Size S / M / L
S 18cm*16cm
M 21cm*18cm
L 24cm*20cm
socks measurement size

Item:  Blank Polyester Socks
Service: Custom printing
MOQ: 100 Pairs / Design / Size
Sample leadtime: 3~5days
Material Composition: 85% Polyester, 10% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Above size is based on A(foot bottom size) * B(calf size).

there's a little difference due to the socks material flexibility & curing process shrinkage


Difference between these 2 models


Blank white polyester socks. Suitable to print white background or light background or colorful designs
Blank white polyester socks with interior black elastic. Suitable to print dark color designs. Especially for design with solid black color. It will has better effect when stretching socks. Pure white socks would leak less white while stretching. But with interior black elastic it would solve this problem.
It’s only our opinion from previous printing experience. Customer would have their options according to the acceptability of the print effect.


1. Socks cuff: It has elasticity, protects the back ankle, comfortable and not easy to strangle the foot, not easy to fall off, and good fit.
2. Heel: All-inclusive heel, contrast-color reinforcement design, abrasion-resistant and durable, close to the heel and not easy to shift.
3. Socks: boneless stitching, contrasting color design, delicate skin-friendly, no feet, fine and smooth stitching of the toes, reducing the friction on the toes, and the toes are comfortable and free to move.
4. Fabric: Selected high-quality fabrics, comfortable and skin-friendly, moisture wicking, delicate touch, beautiful and durable.

Why choose this product?

1. Soft and delicate: the product is soft and delicate, skin-friendly and comfortable, not easy to shrink, not easy to pilling, not easy to smelly feet. High-quality fabrics release your feet, and careful care starts with your feet.
2. Fine workmanship: This product starts with one stitch and one thread, and it is not easy to pilling.
3. Adopt good cotton in toe and heel part: This product selects good cotton, starting with a seed, soft and durable.
4. Customization: It can be customized according to your favorite style, logo or pattern can be customized.


1. Breathable and dehumidifying, not stuffy feet: a lot of heat is released immediately, which proves that this product has strong breathability and dehumidification performance.
2. High elasticity, comfortable and non-restrictive feet: high elasticity, tightness, comfortable non-restriction, not easy to slip, skin-friendly and comfortable.
3. Advanced printing and dyeing, not easy to fade: put it in water, take it out after 1 hour, the water is still clear.
4. Healthy and breathable, suitable for all seasons: The product is moderate in thickness, suitable for wearing in all seasons, and suitable for use at home.
5. High-quality fabrics, high-quality enjoyment: The product's fabrics are soft and delicate, skin-friendly and non-irritating, bringing a super comfortable wearing experience.
6. Exquisite workmanship, durable and durable: each pair of socks is made through multiple repetitive processes, which is not easy to deform and durable.

Delivery time

500pairs delivery within 5 business days. +express time 5~10days from China
1000pairs delivery within 8 business days. +express time 5~10days from China
2000pairs delivery within 15 business days. +express time 5~10days from China
Over 2000pairs pls discuss with the vender. we will advise according to current production schedule.
P.S.  1. Above delivery time based on sample confirmed
P.S.  2. Due to different in volume, weight, there're options for express(less goods) or sea shipping(high volume goods)
P.S.  3. Duty and import charges are the responsibility of the buyer

Payment method

Wire transfer TT; Western Union; PayPal

Delivery & Transportation

Small packages ship via express, big volume packages suggest ship via sea, air, or land. Can be assigned forwarders or our cooperated shipping forwarder.


Return & Refund policy

Unfortunately, we cannot take returns or exchanges of CUSTOM ORDERS.  Custom orders will be proceed until sample confirmed. they are with your photos/designs/logo, they cannot be sold to anyone else.  All sales are final on custom orders unless we sent you the wrong size or if you find a damage to the product. thanks for your understanding.


Machine Wash Warm, Wash Inside Out.
Do Not Bleach.
Tumble Dry Low.
Do Not Iron.
Do Not Dry Clean.


Sublimation heat transfer use, 360  digital printing use

Socks Production Line

About socks production


High quality socks come from high quality production process. Uniprint has long-term partner in Da tang, Zhyjj. “Da tang” is the hometown of hosiery industry in China. With an annual output of more than 6 billion pairs of socks, occupying nearly 1/3 of the share of the world sock industry.
Our Hosiery has more than ten years experience in design research and development team, has 20 years of production socks, huge production site, covering an area of 40,000 square meters, with various type needle machine, with over 660units full computer needle machine, possess professional rigorous quality control and perfect quality control system, from raw material inventory to the finished product dispatch, every process strictly controlled, To ensure the quality of socks. Annual output as high as 80,000,000 pairs of socks, standing storage of 10,000,000 pairs. The socks it produces are rich and diversified, and the design is protected by copyright patent. Over the years uphold the concept of innovation, constantly capture fashion elements, constantly improve the supply capacity, and strive to quality and time together, health and fashion.
With such a good partner, Uniprint ensures that we provide the customers
with quality products and high quality service.

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